Why I shouldn’t write longer stuff than one-shots

Lets start by the challenge given to me: this person, going by the name nover, said they wanted a THG fic with at least 24 chapters, each chapter in the point of view of a new tribute. Meaning that I need to actually get 24 quite well made tributes. And they all had to be new, so not writing about Katniss & co. Oh and at least one femme/slash pairing and one het pairing. Sweet, right?

The writing isn’t just taking me in today. I need to focus on the plot right now, because I want to get the draft ready, but I can’t help to be drawn back to my character. And the fact that I need so many of them. Shit.

Also THG names are kind of hard, because I want to stay in the canon. I think flowery names are quite alright, although I don’t know about the not-so-close-to-nature districts, like three for example. I mean, their victor-tributes in the books were named Beetee and Wiress, so I think I need something more technology-sounding than Marigold. Or Flora. Maybe something like Case(y) could do.. I need to think about it more.

I’m also confused about the possible other characters. I mean, I need at least one stylist, couple of escorts, maybe Gamemaker, that kind of stuff. And the Arena itself will be painful. I think this requires a lot of drawing and mind maps. And lists. I mean I need to kill 23 tributes, maybe even someone else, hmm?

Or I could write 48 chapters + prologue and epilogue. 50. I like that one, it’s a round number. Yeah, I could do that. I can give a little more space to people that way too, to the characters I mean. But that needs careful planning, because, well, usually like half of the people die during the first hours.. Maybe I should have few that I focus more on and then the random “murder me” characters, eh? That could work.

Writing different characters will be fun though. To get into their worlds, learn how they think, that kind of stuff. Maybe someone had abusive parents, someone lost their siblings to sicknesses, someone hates everything, someone is all Capitol brainwashed and doesn’t question anything while someone asks all the questions. Like people in general. It will be interesting to see how they get along, who is the coward, who is fighter. Some don’t have any issues with killing people, while others will have sleepless nights for the rest of their (short) lives.

So to answer the headline: it gets so confusing that I usually just give up after some time. But this one I really want to make work. So I hope the characters will play with me.


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