About the arena and other stuff

It’s been couple of days again, and the world sucked me in to the stupid paperwork I also need to do. It kinda sucks to be the one doing all the work, but at the same time, time to grow up. What also warms my mind is that my stepmom has been calling almost every day. It kind of makes me feel awful for not having been the one calling, but at the same time I just love her more of it. She’s so full of advice, sarcastic and humorous remarks that she really makes me miss home even more. And it’s still kind of funny how she’s more like a mother to me than my real mom, although I’m living with the latter now. It’s just that she’s shown me what it is to open your mouth, to see the world full of possibilities instead of possible traps. God I miss her.


But yeah, all the time with the stupid paperwork and going to the notary and shit really has postponed me from planning, which I started to take up again last night. At first I thought I’d start the characters, but well, there are so many of them I just can’t help to feel a lot helpless, so instead I started with the arena. Just small little drawings, basic ideas, and I’m already so into it. I mean, to design all the mutts, the ways the gamemakers can kill the tributes (even if never used, they still are there and I want to know it) and all that kind of stuff, it’s really interesting. I think someone could get little worried that I like to plan these, but well, to me they are parts of the story I want to tell, and kinda important parts too. Anyway, here’s the pic of the scribbles.



Aside from that, nothing really. I have meant to get it on with the characters, but well, it’s still kind of scaring me. And I’m not sure I want to create the plot first or the characters, although I think the latter is better, so I can really create people, not just someone who fits the storyline. Ah well.


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